Baxi Duo Tec Boiler with 7 year warranty

Baxi Duo Tec Boiler
Baxi Duo Tec Boiler

The Baxi Duo-tec Combi HE A boiler combines our passion for technology with our commitment to the environment. Stylish and simple to use, the Baxi Duo-tec Combi HE A has straightforward controls, an easy-to-read pressure gauge, a modern chrome strip and beautiful gloss white finish.

Boiler Warranty

We are so confident in the reliability of the Baxi Duo-tec Combi HE A that we are now offering a 7-year warranty as standard on all Baxi Duo-tec HE A boilers installed between 1st February and 31st December 2013*.

ENERGY SAVING TRUSTBecause the Baxi Duo-tec Combi HE A turns more than 90% of the fuel to heat, it has the highest SEDBUK Band ‘A’ rating for efficiency, saving you money on your heating bills. It also helps the environment by using less fuel and therefore producing fewer emissions.

Key features and benefits of the Baxi Duo Tec Boiler

  • 7- year parts and labour warranty*
  • SEDBUK Band ‘A’ rated
  • Available in 24kW, 28kW, 33kW and 40kW outputs to meet requirements of different sized properties
  • User friendly and easy to operate
  • Compact size
  • Built in frost thermostat
  • Built in filling loop & pre-pluming jig for ease of installation
  • Separate temperature control for central heating and domestic hot water
  • Baxi Duo-tec Combi 28kW HE A awarded ‘Best Buy’ in a boiler report conducted by ‘Which?’ magazine
*Subject to registration and annual service by any Gas Safe Registered installer

Baxi Platinum Boiler with 10 year warranty

Baxi platinum boiler

The Baxi Platinum Combi HE A now comes with an impressive ten year warranty until 31st December 2013* – that’s how confident we are in the reliability and performance of this boiler. This really is the boiler for peace of mind and for the ultimate return on your investment in a new boilers. A ten year warranty is really attractive and for the price we can install this for you at Cheap Central Heating you really are getting value for money.baxi-platinum

  • Extra peace of mind with an exceptional ten year warranty**
  • Save energy and money – the Baxi Platinum is highly efficient and SEDBUK 2005 Band A (>90%) rated
  • Exceptional hot water flow rate – up to 16.4 litres per minute for increased homeowner comfort
  • Experience greater reliability as the boiler adapts output to demand without switching on and off
  • Includes easy to use built-in mechanical clock and filling loop

 **Subject to registration and annual service by any Gas Safe registered installer.

Available in a range of outputs to suit your property: 24, 28, 33 & 40 kW

Baxi Boiler Warranty

Boiler Servicing Saves Money

Plumber GuiseleyWe often use hot water and heating without a second thought. That is, until the boiler starts to malfunction or completely breaks down. As with so many domestic appliances, it is better to avert a breakdown rather than fix a major problem and the best way to do so is to have annual boiler servicing and checks by a gas safe certified engineer.

Carbon Monoxide Kills

A boiler is of course vital for hot water and heating, but it is also important to be aware that it can become dangerous if it is not properly looked after and regularly serviced. If a boiler is not correctly burning the gas it uses or the exhaust flue is damaged or ill fitting, it can release carbon monoxide into the home, which is not possible to smell or see. Carbon monoxide can be lethal and kills around 12 people in the UK every year. The warning signs that carbon monoxide is present include headaches, nausea and drowsiness. In addition to prevention through annual servicing, many people install a carbon monoxide alarm near the boiler to act as an early warning system.

Increased fuel usage

The safety aspects aside, a poorly maintained boiler will become uneconomical, with significantly elevated running costs. These include increased fuel usage and costly breakdown and repairs. Proper servicing through a qualified gas safe engineer will pre-empt the majority of potential problems since all the components can be cleaned and checked.

Visual checks ensure that no noticeable damage or fatigue is apparent. Annually cleaning out all the flues and injectors will prevent the build-up of or dirt which can compromise the correct operation of the boiler. Routine maintenance can even lengthen the life span of expensive boiler components.

Regular servicing will thus save you money in the longer term; a qualified boiler engineer will notice any trivial faults that could escalate into a full blown boiler breakdown with all the associated inconvenience and cost.

Annual Servicing

Baxi Platinum 33HE Condensing Combi BoilerAnnual servicing is crucial to boiler care, but it is worth making your own checks every few months as there can be signs that the boiler may need urgent attention. Items to look for include the flame burning yellow as opposed to blue; new stains or water leaks apparent in the surrounding area; unexpected changes to the flow rate or temperature of the hot water supply; loss or increase of pressure; the need to frequently relight the pilot light; and any abnormal noises.

If you have a new boiler, it is likely that the terms of the warranty will require an annual service on the appliance by a registered and certified engineer. Failure to complete these service checks could invalidate the warranty, leaving you responsible for the cost of any parts and labour.

Whilst there is not currently a legal requirement for owner occupiers to service their boilers every year, it should still be a priority in financial, energy efficiency and, of course, safety terms. Landlords, in contrast, are legally obliged to annually service boilers in any of their properties and must provide the tenant with a certificate confirming that the requisite checks have been carried out.

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Boiler Repairs Leeds

Boiler Repairs Leeds

save money on your heating bills

Has your boiler become less efficient?

Chances are if your radiator is more than 5 years old and hasn’t been seen by a professional heating engineer in that time then it will be less efficient and costing you money.

Here are some of the most common problems that can occur with boilers:

  1. Problems with heat or hot water
  2. Odd noises
  3. Intermittent Pilot light
  4. Pressure Dropping
  5. Radiators not heating up when the central heating system is on.
  6. Boiler switches itself off.

Bearing in mind just how much work your boiler does, it really is no surprise that over time they can become damaged and inefficient. Just like any  appliance or machinery that is in constant use you need to make sure that your boiler is well maintained and when it gets to a certain age is replaced.

Our team of Gas Safe Registered engineers can provide you with a quick and efficient diagnosis and repair service, call us today on 0113 866 2229 and we will have some one on site with you as soon as possible to deal with your boiler problem.

If you smell gas then you MUST call the
National Gas Emergency Number on (0800 111 999)

Worcester Bosch Boilers 5 year Guarantee

Worcester Bosch 5 year guarantee

By choosing a high efficiency worcester bosch Greenstar gas or oil-fired condensing boiler you’re investing in proven Worcester quality and reliability. Today’s Greenstar boilers are greener and cleaner with lower NOx and CO2 levels. And now, for a limited period, we’re backing our Greenstar gas-fired CDi, Si and Ri condensing boilers and all our Greenstar oil-fired boilers with a free 5 year guarantee. 5 year’s guarantee* on any Greenstar gas-fired CDi, Si and Ri condensing boilers and all Greenstar oil-fired boilers, purchased and installed between 1st January and 30th June 2013.

Worcester-BoschDon’t miss out on this unique opportunity to get additional peace of mind for free.

Qualifying Models
Greenstar CDi Classic Combi
Greenstar CDi Classic System
Greenstar CDi Classic Regular
Greenstar CDi Compact Combi NEW
Greenstar Si Combi
Greenstar Ri Regular
Greenstar FS CDi Regular
Greenstar Highflow CDi Combi
All Greenstar oil-fired boilers

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Gas Safe Registered

What is Gas Safe?

It is the official body in the United Kingdom that registers and monitors professional gas engineers. The register replaced CORGI as the recognised official body for this purpose in 2009. The register exists purely to maintain gas safety levels to the highest standards. All legal gas engineers are registered and are required to continue this registration for as long as they want to work legally as a Gas Engineer in the United Kingdom. Click HERE to visit the register and find out more information.

Our Gas Safe Registered number is 510546:

If you would like to check our credentials on the Gas Safe register do a postcode search for our address on their website  HERE :

12 Cairn Avenue,
West Yorkshire,
LS20 8QQ

We are Gas Safe qualified to work in the following areas:

Gas Boiler
Combustion Analysis
Vented Cyl
Water Heater

We take your safety and ours extremely
seriously and always maintain
the highest levels of professionalism
when working in your home.

gas safe

Power Flush In Leeds

Power Flush your central heating
best prices in Leeds Guaranteed


In case you are encountering cold-spots within your radiators or perhaps seem they aren’t outputting maximum heating potential, in that case your heating system would likely really benefit having a Power Flush. Powerflushing provides the following advantages to your central heating system:

Power Flushing LeedsPower Flushing Leeds

A significantly less noisy central heating boiler results from removal associated with limescale from your heat exchanger. Hotter radiators along with a more rapidly warm-up from the taking out black sludge ‘magnetite’ cold spots. A prolonged lasting system. Pumps lasts longer and also radiators might have a longer lifespan if you have no corrosion present and inhibitors are used

Power Flushing Leeds

Reduced energy charges thanks to a much more efficient central heating system. We work with a Sentinel Jetflush 4 powerflushing machine. The Sentinel Jetflush 4 unit was built to power flush central heating systems as a means associated with efficiently dealing with system deterioration.. We in addition utilize this machine in all brand new central heating system / boiler installation. Once successfully flushed, a chemical inhibitor will be put into the system to prevent potential corrosion finding its way back.

Power Flushing Leeds

To further improve the performance regarding heating systems, we really recommend the installation of a Magna-Clean device inside the central heating pipework. This is a new magnetic filtration which collects the metal corrosion deposits (sludge) inside your heating system, resulting in most likely significant energy efficiencies and decreased operating costs.


Power Flushing Leeds


Worcester Bosch 30SI 30KW Combi Boiler

Worcester Bosch 30SI 30 KW Combi Boiler



The Greenstar Si combi boilers are our mid-range appliances.

worcester bosch 30SIThey’re suitable for apartments and small to medium sized 1 bathroom properties.

You can control both the hot water and central heating temperatures on a Greenstar Si boiler. There is also a range of optional controls available, offering you further comfort and flexibility.

For further peace of mind, every boiler in Worcester’s Greenstar gas and LPG condensing boiler range has been awarded a Which? Best Buy accreditation.

Central heating output: 24kW
Domestic hot water flow rate: 10.2 litres per minute at 35 degree temperature rise (provided adequate mains water pressure is available)


  • 91.8% AThe Greenstar 25Si is 91.8% efficient and is in the highest possible official efficiency category, SEDBUK band ‘A‘

This price includes

one days labour to install boiler

1.5m 15mm copper

1.5m 22mm copper

3m waste pipe

small fittings pack

Fernox F3 cleaner

Fernox F1 inhibitor

Boiler installation must be in the Leeds area

This price is to take out a combi boiler and fit a new one back in the same place.

We can fit any make of boiler please call me for full details 0113 866 2229 / 01943 876999

Boilers can normally be fitted within 7 days of paying for item.


A Rated Combi Boiler fully fitted

A Rated Combi Boiler

Special Offer Price Condensing A rated combination boiler with 5 years guarantee.

Included in price

Ferroli 31C Condensing Combi Boiler fully fitted. 

New standard flue.


1 length 15mm copper

1 length 22mm copper

1 length waste pipe.

This is to replace a standard combi boiler.



Ferroli Optimax HE 31C Condensing
Combi Gas Boiler  5 year warranty

The Ferroli Optimax HE 31C Condensing Combi Gas Boiler is a competitively-priced, wall mounted boiler. Coming with a horizontal flue kit and programmer, the Optimax 31C has a simple connection, and is compatible with Ferroli underfloor heating and solar systems.

Optimax 31C Key Features:

  • Low operational noise
  • Compatible with AquaSol solar system
  • Compatible with Ferroli Underfloor Heating
  • Simple electrical connection
  • Natural gas
  • 17.6 ltrs/min @ 25degree rise
  • Sedbuk A rated 90.4%



For a full written quotation please give me a call on 0113 866 2229
due to price changes from our suppliers you  need to check all
pricing with us at the time you are ready to place your order.

We do all types of plumbing and
heating work in the Leeds area.