Boiler Repairs Leeds

save money on your heating bills

Has your boiler become less efficient?

Chances are if your radiator is more than 5 years old and hasn’t been seen by a professional heating engineer in that time then it will be less efficient and costing you money.

Here are some of the most common problems that can occur with boilers:

  1. Problems with heat or hot water
  2. Odd noises
  3. Intermittent Pilot light
  4. Pressure Dropping
  5. Radiators not heating up when the central heating system is on.
  6. Boiler switches itself off.

Bearing in mind just how much work your boiler does, it really is no surprise that over time they can become damaged and inefficient. Just like any  appliance or machinery that is in constant use you need to make sure that your boiler is well maintained and when it gets to a certain age is replaced.

Our team of Gas Safe Registered engineers can provide you with a quick and efficient diagnosis and repair service, call us today on 0113 866 2229 and we will have some one on site with you as soon as possible to deal with your boiler problem.

If you smell gas then you MUST call the
National Gas Emergency Number on (0800 111 999)