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Fernox TF1 Total Filter:

The Fernox TF1 Filter range includes the Corgi award winning Fernox TF1 Total Filter and the latest Fernox innovation, the Fernox TF1 Compact. The range provides customers with high performance filters expertly designed to protect boilers and domestic heating systems against harmful contaminants which can cause system breakdown and long-term damage.

Fernox TF1 Total FilterBoth filters in the Fernox TF1 Total Filter range benefit from the same award- winning technology which provides customers and home owners with the reassurance they are receiving the highest level of protection for their heating systems. The range not only protects against damaging system contaminants and sludge, but also enables the system to run at optimum efficiency which in turn helps to protect the environment through minimising carbon emissions and our purses through reduced fuel bills.

Fernox TF1 Total FilterFernox TF1 filters harness the combined effect of hydrocyclonic action with specially designed magnetic assemblies to remove, trap and contain both magnetic and non-magnetic debris from system water. Both filters contain a 9000 gauss strength magnet which optimises sludge removal. They are quick and simple to install, with the use of the ‘twist, click and lock’ technology used in the innovative inlet/outlet port. The filters can be clipped into 24 separate positions depending on the position of the pipe work. As part of a yearly service the filters can be cleaned without dismantling and can be used as a dosing point for the Fernox ‘F’ range of protectors and cleaners.

The Fernox TF1 Total Filter, the first filter in the range, is available with 22mm and 28mm fittings and is suitable for all households, space permitting.Where space is limited and a TF1 Total Filter cannot be installed, the new TF1 Compact offers the solution. After talking to installers and customers Fernox saw the potential gap in the market for a smaller filter, the TF1 Compact was then developed to fit onto domestic heating systems where installation access is restricted, so all households can now benefit from a filter.

Fernox TF1 Total Filter

The Compact is 30% smaller than the Fernox TF1 Total Filter, but does not compromise on performance. It can be installed in up to 24 different orientations and can operate at 45º if headroom clearance is an issue. The TF1 Compact is designed to be able to dose with the Fernox Express range and is available in 22mm. The Compact is ideal for kitchens, utility rooms or new builds where space is limited.

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