Ideal Logic Boiler with 7 Years Warranty

discount boilersA Fitted ideal logic combi boiler with a full

Discount boilers available in the choice of three outputs of 24, 30 and 35 kW’s, the Logic combi range from Ideal provides a quick and hassle free installation, supported by a 7 year parts and labour warranty as standard.

Fully modulating, the Logic range of combis feature concealed connections and a built-in automatic bypass, whilst a translucent condensate siphon ensures any debris is spotted quickly and efficiently.

Designed to be installed with the minimum of fuss, Logic appliances come complete with a standard horizontal telescopic flue, push & clip flue turret connections, and do not require compartment ventilation; allowing them to be installed out of sight into a standard kitchen cupboard.Featuring a simple diagnostics display, the Logic range is compatible with a range of optional timers and is the perfect choice for the replacement or new installation.

If your are finding your scary old boiler just isn’t up to the job any more, then this is the perfect boiler for you. With quick and easy installation from the professional team at Cheap Central Heating, you will be warm as toast and saving money before you know it.

Of course our team doesn’t just fit boilers, we can deal with any plumbing job and are happy to provide on site quotations for any plumbing work you may require. Remember, our team are fully qualified, experienced and take great pride in a job well done.

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