New boiler advice

New boiler advice

Which boiler is right for me ?I often get asked which boiler is best and what would I recommend.
Well this is a tricky one my best advice would be to get a plumber or heating engineer round to give you a full site survey.What is a combi boilerclick here ?What is a Conventional system / boiler click herepowerflush powerflushing powerflushes power flushing power flush power flush magnaclean boiler buddy fernox tf1 plumbing and heating
There is a few thing to take into account when choosing a new boiler.Where will it be sited – will it be wall mounted or floor standing – will it be installed on an outside wall or maybe in the cellar or even the loft.How big is your house and what size boiler do you need.How much pipe work do you have , how many radiators and also how old is the pipe work and what condition is it in.

Do you have an airing cupboard with a hot water tank and cylinder if so do you want to get rid of these to make more room.

When thinking about getting rid of your old boiler ( hot water tank and airing cupboard ) if you are thinking of maybe getting a combi or combination boiler be very careful that the boiler you get will work correctly in your home – a good thing to check is water pressure and flow and remember you can only get out of the boiler what goes into the boiler so if you are only getting 10 L/M in there would be no point buying an all singing and dancing combi boiler that will do 18 L/M because it just will not work – I have been to many of these over the years where plumbers or gas fitters have fitted combination boilers and they just don’t work or don’t work all the time.

System flush

Well the next bit is the most important bit of all and is the bit that most installers from my experience skip or miss things off.

All new boiler should have at very least a hot and cold mains flush.

Powerflushing – I would advise that if you are going to spend £2000 / £3000 pounds on a new boiler make sure you don’t skimp on the flush – a full power flush should cost you from around £200 when installing a new boiler my advice is that this is money well spent.

Magnaclean filter or Boiler buddy or even a Fernox TF1


I would always advise you fit some sort of magnetic filter on your newly installed central heating– prevention is better than cure.Magnaclean filter page.

Fernox Boiler buddy page.

Fernox TF1 page

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