Vaillant Ecotec Pro 28 HE

Vaillant Ecotec Pro 28 HE
Why Vaillant?

You can be sure that when it comes to creating the ideal environment,

Vaillant has it all under control. For more than 130 years, we have been

setting the standards in the heating market, developing products that

have revolutionised the industry.

Today we are still Europe’s No.1 boiler manufacturer with an enviable

reputation for performance, efficiency, quality and reliability.

Leading the way requires constant innovation. We continually invest in

developing new technologies for even better solutions – all designed to
create the perfect climate at home and at work.

Why condensing boilers?

Condensing boilers work on the principal of recovering as much as possible of the waste heat that is normally rejected into the atmosphere from the flue of a standard efficiency (non-condensing) boiler. Consequently, condensing boilers are far more

energy-efficient. They operate at an efficiency rate of around 90% compared to about 78% for standard efficiency boilers. This delivers excellent savings on fuel bills and reduced levels of pollution. The Government legislation that came

into effect in April 2005 has resulted in a dramatic change in the type of boilers that can be fitted in your home. All Vaillant high efficiency boilers are SEDBUK A rated (the best possible rating for low carbon emissions).

ecoTEC pro

The ecoTEC pro 24 and 28 combination boilers have the same high build quality as ecoTEC plus combi models, but with a more basic specification. The ecoTEC promodels are ideally suited to properties with lower hot water demands – typically

a 1 bedroom apartment/flat with 1 bathroom.

Features and benefits

– SEDBUK Band ‘A’ rated fuel efficiency –economical to run – Fully modulating low NOx burner and fan – improved energy efficiency, kinder to the environment – Compact dimensions / compatible with the full range of Vaillant accessories –

excellent siting versatility and easy installation – Built-in status / diagnostic display – comprehensive status and diagnostic information and push button programming for easy use – Built-in two stage frost protection – to prevent damage caused by freezing

– 1 year guarantee – for peace of mind