Vokèra Linea HE combi boiler

Vokèra Linea HE combi boiler

Outputs (kW): 28 – 32 – 36


The Linea HE is Vokèra’s flagship combi boiler range. Linea HE is supplied with a pre fixing jig and filling loop as standard making installation simple and straight forward.

All Vokèra boilers have always been manufactured with the same pipe layout, ensuring the upgrade from an old to a new Vokèra boiler is straight forward.

100% of Vokèra boilers are tested before leaving our factory, which is why they boast an industry leading reliability rate of 99%


  • A band condensing combi
  • Unique aluminum heat exchanger
  • Pre Fixing Jig & Filling Loop
  • Backlit LCD
  • 4 season function automatically adjusts the appliance setup to suit the season
  • OpenTherm (OT) technology built in to connect to Vokèra OT Protocol Control
  • Electronic and analogue pressure gauge, ideal for new build contracts
  • Industry leading flueing versatility up to 50m

SEDBUK ‘A’ rated.

Reduces running costs by up to 35% more than a conventional boiler, helping to safeguard the environment.

Designed for easy installation. A pre-fixing jig and built-in filling loop allows the system to be connected and tested without the boiler needing to be in place. Standard Vokèra pipework layout enables trouble-free replacement of older Vokèra models.

Simple commissioning, only minimal adjustments are required after installation and automatic modulation eliminates the need to range rate the boiler.

Unique aluminium heat exchanger provides excellent thermal transfer and anti-corrosion properties.

Seasonality function with 4-different modes of operation ensures appliance delivers optimum performance and efficiency throughout each season.

Easy operation for the end user.

Low pressure loss reduces noise and increases pump performance.

OT+ communication protocol – industry standard method of controls/communications for remote controls etc.

Low NOx – Class-5 performance.

Anti-cycling control prevents energy wasteful on/off cycling and reduces wear and tear.

Minimal appliance heat loss removes the need for compartment ventilation to assist cooling.

Built-in frost protection, protects the appliance from damage during periods of cold weather.

Self-start programming protects the pump and motorised valve from sticking during long periods of inactivity.

Easy to understand diagnostic display speeds installation and commissioning and aids the service engineer in the unlikely event of a fault developing.

Unique “Autostop” function: Linea HE has a built-in disabling function (Autostop) that automatically changes the current operating mode, and moves it permanently into the standby mode. This automatic function will only operate after a pre-defined period of time has elapsed.Versatile flueing options that can reach lengths up to 50 metres, enabling the boiler to be sited almost anywhere in the home.

Pipe cover supplied as standard.

Attach an energy saving control to maximise energy efficiency.

Can be converted to LPG with LPG Kit.