What are radiators

What are radiators
What are radiators ?

Radiators are cast iron units designed to warm your home with a valve on each side to control the heat output.
Sometimes radiators will have a thermostat on one side for better control and also for energy efficiency.
A radiator works by inputting hot water around the system.
New in home rads are a requirement by local authorities in the uk.
Most traditional rads heat a house by hot water passing through them.

When they get warm radiators are scorching hot to touch.
Some rads include a top cover or a full length metal radiator cover for safety and to make them look more pleasing.
In addition to having your heating system checked out each year by a professional,
here are a few routine things you can do to keep your radiators performing at their best.

Check your central heating when warm and make sure your radiators are getting warm at the top.
If not the radiators my need bleeding.
Check and make sure they also get warm at the bottom if not your system may need power flushing the cost for this will vary on area click here for more info.

If you have a combi boiler or sealed system boiler you may find that your boiler system needs topping up click here for a guide on how to top your central heating.

Your central system will

certainly benefit from having a magnetic filter fitting such as a boiler buddy or a magnaclean filter click here for more details.
To find out more about magnetite or system sludge click here