Boiler Buddy

Boiler Buddy

What is Boiler Buddy?

Boiler Buddy is a high efficiency in-line magnetic filter that traps magnetite and sludge from central heating systems. Based on technology used in Formula One motor racing, it has been designed to complement the Fernox product range of Restorers, Protectors and cleaners.

Is Boiler Buddy compatible with all chemical water treatment products

Fernox recommends the this be used in conjunction with its product range, which has undergone extensive testing procedures.
Does Boiler Buddy fit 22 mm pipes only?
It can also be connected to 15 mm pipes with the correct adapter.
How easy is the Boiler Buddy to install?
It is the same size as a standard pump for ease of installation.
How easy is a Boiler Buddy to clean?
Simply run  in clear running water or dry brush in perpendicular movements to the core.
What are the key benefits of using Boiler Buddy?
Apart from collecting corrosion debris and preventing it from circulating within the system, condition monitoring capability enables remedial action to be taken before system failure occurs: avoiding the inconvenience of a breakdown and the associated costs of major repair or replacement.
Boiler Buddy
Do you need to wear protective clothing when cleaning the Boiler Buddy?
Following good health and safety practice, Fernox recommends waterproof gloves be worn when cleaning Boiler Buddy.
Is the Boiler Buddy compatible with condensing boilers with integral pumps?
Yes, for added convenience it has been sized specifically so that it can replace the existing pump when swapping from a conventional to a condensing boiler.
Boiler Buddy
Can the Boiler Buddy be used with all makes of boiler?
Boiler Buddy is designed to work with any boiler or heating system
Can you powerflush the heating system with a Boiler Buddy installed?
Powerflushing with Boiler Buddy installed will likely result in the unit filling with debris. To avoid this situation, simply isolate and remove the Boiler Buddy at the connection point and connect the Fernox Powerflow Flushing Pump across the in-situ connections. Fernox Flush Buddy is the recommended magnetic cleaning system for powerflushing.

How much does Boiler Buddy help save in fuel/energy costs?
Boiler Buddy captures magnetite and sludge in a heating system and so reduces the risk of deposits within the
heat exchanger. It is the elimination of debris blocking pipes and components that ensures the efficiency of the boiler is maintained and helps prolong component lifetime.

How long will a Boiler Buddy last?
Boiler Buddy is a one-off purchase that is designed to last the life of the heating system.

Does Boiler Buddy adversely affect the waterflow when full?
No, the unique Magnom technology allows the Boiler Buddy to work efficiently even when at full capacity (maximum pipe size 22 mm.)

How often should a Boiler Buddy be cleaned?
The Boiler Buddy is a conditionmonitoring device, which gives an early warning of inherent problems with the
cleanliness of the heating system. Typically the Boiler Buddy should be checked annually, more frequent cleaning is an indication of excessive sludge and debris in the system. The usual care needs to be taken not to spill water from the heating system on carpets or flooring when decommissioning the Boiler Buddy for cleaning.

Will the Boiler Buddy’s magnetic field affect pace makers?
Caution needs to be exercised when handling the Boiler Buddy if the installer has a pacemaker.

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The Boiler Buddy is a brand new addition to Fernox’s portfolio of energy saving products. This in-line magnetic filter is easily connected to any condensing boiler system to trap magnetite, rust and magnetic materials to sub-micron levels ensuring your heating system achieves optimum efficiency.

Based on technology used in Formula 1 Motor Racing, to remove dirt from engine oil, the Boiler Buddy works on a magnetic principle, collecting and filtering contaminants from a central heating system to prevent potential component damage and erosion.

The unit works via a series of annular magnets and flux plates. As the water passes through the magnetic filter, the contaminants are drawn into special collection areas. Unlike conventional filters that can become clogged, the flux plate design (awarded the Millennium Prize for innovation in 20xx) ensures that the filter never restricts the system flow, even when full.

A clear housing allows the build up of debris to be easily checked, enabling the condition of a central heating system to be continually monitored.

The Boiler Buddy is connected directly into 22mm copper pipework using conventional pump connectors and can be installed either horizontally or vertically. A good diy-er could probably do the job efficeintly and effectively.

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