Fernox TF1

Do your radiators have cold spots and is your boiler making noise?

Are your radiators as effective as they used to be ?
Then you will benefit from the installation of a Fernox TF1

save money on your heating bills

The revolutionary Fernox Total Filter TF1 is a unique hydrocyclonic and magnetic in-line filter that removes and contains magnetic and non-magnetic contaminants from central heating systems. Easy to install with no additional parts needed, the Total Filter TF1 has also been designed as a dosing point for the Fernox ‘F’ range of chemical water treatment products to ensure the system’s long lasting performance.

The new Fernox TF1 in-line filter can be connected directly onto 22mm and 28mm pipe work using the valve fittings provided and can be positioned flush to a wall in existing pipe work. Once installed, it can be cleaned in seconds and easily and without having to disassemble or remove the unit.

“The Fernox TF1 has been specifically developed to provide installers with an easy to fit filter that helps maintain the performance and longevity of a central heating system,” explained Francine Wickham, European Marketing Director. “The hydrocyclonic and magnetic filters remove and contain contaminants so that the system can work effectively. The Fernox TF1 filter then provides an easy way for installers to dose the system for long term protection.”

All Fernox TF1 filters are manufactured in the UK and each one tested so installers can be assured of performance and reliability every time.


Hydrocyclonic and magnetic in-line filter

  • ·  Unique action, removes all contaminants magnetic and non-magnetic

·  Fits vertical and horizontal pipe work

  • ·  Dosing point for Fernox ‘F’ range products

·  Cleaned in seconds without removal or disassembly

·  Will not block or restrict flow

  • ·  All valves and fittings included

Product Uses:

The Fernox Total Filter TF1 (UK patent pending 0806091.5) is a revolutionary in-line filter, which combines hydrocyclonic action with specially designed magnet assemblies, to remove both magnetic and   non-magnetic contaminants from system water and contain safely within the filter.


The Fernox Total Filter TF1 can be connected directly onto 22mm and 28mm pipe work using the valve fittings provided.  The unit can be installed horizontally or vertically and has been conveniently designed to be installed flush to a wall in existing pipe work.


Installing into vertical pipe work


•  Measure and remove the section of pipe work where the Fernox Total Filter TF1 will be installed.  Connect the  valve fittings supplied to the pipe work
•  Connect the Fernox TF1 Filter to the valve fittings


Installing into horizontal pipe work
• Replace the black sealing ‘O’ ring fitted in the inlet/outlet port with the yellow ‘O’ ring provided in the Vertical to Horizontal Conversion Kit.
• Fit the spacer provided between the main body and the inlet/outlet port
Packaging, Handling and Storage


Individually packaged with all connectors and detailed instructions included. Please specify 22mm or 28mm fittings when ordering. No special storage requirements needed.