VIDEO fernox tf1 cleaning

Fernox TF1 Cleaning – VIDEO

The new Fernox Total Filter TF1 removes sludge from central heating systems helping the system to work as efficiently as possible. When it comes to cleaning a Fernox Total Filter TF1 – the process could not be easier. It takes only seconds to clean in situ without the need to remove or dismantle the unit.

Stage 1

Firstly, switch off the boiler and ensure both the inlet and outlet valves are closed to isolate the Fernox TF1.


Stage 2

Remove the magnet from the centre of the lid. This allows any trapped magnetite to fall into the base of the filer itself. Wait 30 seconds for the magnetite to settle.


Stage 3

Remove the drain valve cap and key from the drain valve. Either connect a hose to the drain point on the bottom of the unit with a standard hose tail connector or place a suitable container to collect the discharge.


Stage 4

Open the outlet valve.


Stage 5

Open the drain valve using the drain valve cap and key to quickly and cleanly flush contaminants from the unit.


Stage 6

Finally, close the drain valve and refit the cover. Simply replace the magnet and open the inlet valve to finish.


For continued protection, Fernox Protector levels should also be checked annually. If levels need to topped up the Fernox TF1 also acts as a dosing point for the Fernox ‘F’ range of chemical water treatment products in accordance with Part L of the Building Regulations.


Working in combination to reduce unnecessary call backs, the Fernox TF1 and ‘F’ range ensures the system’s long lasting performance and a professional reputation.


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