How to Bleed a Radiator

How to bleed a radiator

You may need to also look at how to top up your sealed system or combi boiler as well afterwards if you do click here.

First of all turn off your central heating as if you leave it on the pump could suck air into the system and we dont want that.

Now you have turned the heating off get your self a bleed key – you can buy these from most diy stores.

Then get a small bucket or tub and a dry cloth.

Then slow turn the bleed valve at the top of the radiator anti-clockwise – be careful only do this very slowly until water starts to come out – then turn it back clockwise – be careful not to over tighten it as the bleed valve will break very easy.

Then go around the rest of the house doing the same – you may find that you will need to top the central heating system up if you have a sealed system but we can show you how to do that if you click here.

Then turn the heating back on and run the system until it is warm and now hopefully all the system is working very well.

If you find that this is a bit to hard for you or you would just rather pay somebody to do it give me a call – for more info click here to fill in our contact form or ring me on 07525 446641 now.