How-to Guide – Central Heating

How to Guide Central Heating

How to top up your sealed system or topping up your combi boiler ( combination boiler ) click here

What is a magnaclean and how do they work . How does a Magnaclean Filter work

Top tips from British Gas – Boiler Maintenance

How to install a boiler buddy step by step guide


Fernox TF1 step by step guide


Domestic Heat Sizing Method


How to powerflush a central heating system


Magnabooster magnabooster2 how does it work

Magnabooster installation guide

How to unfreeze a frozen condensate pipe

Got yourself a magnaclean and want to know how to clean it out then click here if you would rather get somebody in to clean it out for you then give me a call on 07525 446641 or click here

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