How to Install a Boiler Buddy

Step by step guide on how to install boiler buddy


Simply by recommending that they install boiler buddy to homeowners is a great way of ensuring their central heating system works at optimum efficiency for longer and boost business through an added value sale. Dr. Neil Watson, Technical Director for Fernox explains the benefits when they Install Fernox Boiler Buddy and provides guidance on its installation.Many households are wasting energy and running up higher fuel costs due to dirty and inefficient central heating systems. Central heating systems need to be flushed, cleaned and regularly serviced using the correct water treatment to ensure they work to optimum efficiency. To further supplement chemical water treatments, Fernox developed the Fernox Boiler Buddy.

Based on award winning technology used in Formula 1 Motor Racing to remove dirt from engine oil, the Fernox Boiler Buddy is an premium quality, in-line magnetic filter designed to remove magnetite, rust and circulating debris present in central heating systems. This helps to prevent potential component damage by erosion from any circulating debris.The Boiler Buddy filter works via a series of annular magnets and flux plates. As the water passes through the magnetic filter, the containments are drawn into special collection areas. Unlike conventional filters that can become clogged, the flux plate design ensures that the filter never restricts the system flow, even when full.

The added advantage is that the Boiler Buddy has a unique clear housing, which allows the build up of debris to be easily monitored – a window into the system. This means any routine checks can be reduced to a matter of minutes per household and preventing any unexpected and costly breakdowns.

How to Install a Fernox Boiler Buddy

Install Fernox Boiler Buddy

The filter can be connected directly into 22mm copper pipework using conventional pump connectors either horizontally or vertically. The unit has been designed to be able to slot directly into the space left by removing a circulator pump, when a condensing boiler has been fitted to an existing system. The off-set inlet and outlet ports enable the Boiler Buddy to be fitted flush to a wall in existing pipework.

Installers should fit the Fernox Boiler Buddy in the central heating return line as close to the boiler as possible. There are a variety of installation types but the open-vented system and the sealed system are typical.

1.) Always be aware of electrical connections when selecting a position to install the Boiler Buddy, as these will be dangerous if they come into contact with water.

2.) Install the Boiler Buddy with both an upstream and downstream servicing valve.

3.) The Boiler Buddy has been designed for use with standard 1 ½ BSP x 22 mm pump servicing valves (on a 15 mm system fitting 22 to 15 mm reducing sets instead of three 22 mm olive in the pump valves is recommended.)

4.) The Boiler Buddy has a face-to-face dimension of 130mm.

5.) A total of 250mm is required for installation if standard pump servicing valves are being used.

6.) It is vital that all traces of copper or plastic debris are removed from the joints and do not enter the water pipework during installation. If soldered joints are being used to construct the pipework, ensure solder or flux is wiped away to avoid corroding plastic parts. Do NOT undertake any soldering while the Boiler Buddy is in the pipework. Boiler Buddy MUST be removed before soldering any joints.

7.) Once the Boiler Buddy is installed, secure the tamper-roof tag to avoid accidental opening. The tag must be replaced after cleaning the core.

8.) Complete and place the Boiler Buddy installation sticker to the boiler.

9.) Finally, run the system to check for any leaks.

Install A Fernox Boiler Buddy

Once installed, the Fernox Boiler Buddy has been designed to last the lifetime of the central heating system. It has no moving parts and therefore needs no adjustments after installation. It is recommended that the Boiler Buddy be inspected and cleaned on an annual basis.

How to install boiler buddy

Quick and simple to install, a Fernox Boiler Buddy can offer an invaluable opportunity to monitor a system’s performance and identify potential problems early on. This will help minimise any risks of blockages and component damage by erosion, which could lead to a costly breakdown of the system.


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