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Power Flushing in Leeds
Does your central heating need a powerflush?

Should you be suffering from cold-spots in your radiators or appear they aren’t outputting the maximum heat potential, then your heating system could really benefit with a Power Flush. Powerflushing has the following advantages to your central heating system:A less noisy central heating boiler results from the removal associated with limescale from your heat exchanger. CCH are based in Leeds and we can provide you power flushing in the Leeds area, and NOW is the time get it done before the cold snap really begins to set in.


Hotter radiators along with a faster warm up from the removal of black sludge ‘magnetite’ cold spotsA prolonged lasting system. Pumps will last longer and radiators may have an extended life if there is no corrosion present and inhibitors are used

Lower energy bills due to a far more efficient central heating system

powerflushing leedsWe use a Sentinel Jetflush 4 powerflushing machine. The Sentinel Jetflush 4 machine has been designed to power flush central heating systems as a means of efficiently dealing with system deterioration.

We also utilize this machine in all brand new central heating boilerinstallations. Once successfully flushed, a chemical inhibitor will be added to the system to prevent potential corrosion coming back.

To further improve the performance associated with heating systems, we highly recommend the installation of a Magna-Clean unit onto the central heating pipework. This is a new magnetic filter which gathers the metal rust deposits (sludge) in your heating system, leading to potentially significant energy efficiencies and reduced running costs.

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We offer 5 year warranty on all our powerflushes if a Magnaclean Filter is fitted at the same time
We are proud members of the Powerflush Association

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